Taking Cuttings



You will need

  • A healthy plant (try geranium or fuschia)

  • A small jar of water

  • A sharp knife or secateurs

Later you will need some small plant pots and potting compost.

1.Look for a shoot that has no flowers.

2.Cut a piece about 6cm metres long,just below a leaf  joint.

3.Pull of any lower leaves.

4.place the  shoot in a jar of water.Make sure the water is topped up to keep the stem covered.

5.Place the jar in a light place,but out of direct sunlight.


After about three weeks you should see tiny roots appearing from the end of the stem.


When these roots are about 2cm long,carefully plant each cutting in a small plant pot filled with potting compost.Water them in and place then somewhere light but not too hot.Keep them damp ,but be careful not to over-water them.Watch them grow into new plants.Repot them as they outgrow thier pots.You can usually  see this by roots coming out of the holes in the bottom of the pot.