Poppies  are red with a with a black circle in the middle and has a green stem. A poppy was the first flower to grow when world war 1 was finished.  Poppies are to remember the world war one army they fort for the U.S.A.  because they were American and they did the world war one on the 11th day of  the 11th month of the 11th year. Since 1918 the allies and the central powers ended WW1 with the sighning of an armistice agreement. another word for poppy day is Armistice Day. The Feast of st martin,martinmas   was a time for celebrations with great feasts and hiring fairs, at which farm laboureres would seek new posts. 

Since 1918  the 11th has been commemorated as armistic Day , and all remnants of the old martinmas celebrations have disappered. Poppies were worn in the left pocket by men and right side for women.